Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R)

IRIS-CC is making progress in the formalization of the European Union’s Human Resources strategy (EURAXESS-HRS4R). The “Human Resources Strategy for Researchers” is based on the Researcher’s Charter and the Employers’ Code of Conduct. The implementation of the HRS4R is a quality mark that recognizes that the HR policy of a research center is appropriate at the European level.

IRIS-CC already presented, in February 2023, to EURAXESS, the “endorsement letter” to be recognized as a “research center”, and we were given the code number 2023ES77696. IRIS-CC committed to applying the 40 principles of the EU Charter and Code with the aim of obtaining the HRS4R quality mark.

The documents required by EURAXESS, “GAP Analysis”, “Action Plan” and “OTM-R”, have been prepared by the four committees recommended by EURAXESS:

  • Stakeholder Committee 
  • Steering Committee
  • Scientific Community Committee (representation of two R1, two R2, two R3 and two R4)
  • Implementation Committee (ad hoc committee with IRIS-CC’s Human Resources managers and scientists)

Documentation by IRIS-CC:

HRS4R’s progress:

Current status: Initial Assessment & Granting phase

03/11/2024 Acceptance of documents by Euraxess

03/06/2024 Submission of the following documents

02/27/2023 Submission of the Endorsement Letter


Access the Human Resources section to download your payslips, contract, work calendar, risk prevention service training, where to contact in case of an accident at work, request vacations, etc.

Time registration

In compliance with Royal Decree-Law 8/2019 on measures for social protection and the fight against labor precariousness, we have a system of registering entrances and exits for all IRIS-CC employees.