Health research is multidisciplinary and multidimensional and can be classified into basic research, clinical research, and public health research. Within clinical and public health research is where clinical trials with medicines or medical devices and observational studies are framed.

The Clinical Trials Unit of the IRIS-CC is the unit that centralises the aspects of evaluation and contractual, economic and administrative management of clinical trials and observational studies in which the Institute and its affiliated centres participate.

Evaluation, Contractual and Economic Management

Given the strategic, ethical and legal importance, the responsability for the evaluation and management of clinical trials with medicines, medical devices and observational studies falls on the Clinical Trials Unit of the IRIS-CC.

You can find the rates in this link.

Technical Office

The technical office is the structure of the Clinical Trials Unit of the IRIS-CC, responsible for evaluating the suitability of external sponsor studies with CEIm of reference different from the IRIS-CC field. Thus, all clinical trials with medicines or post-authorisation observational studies will be registered when our CEIm is not the evaluating body.

This office creates the different files (registration and archiving of all documentation) of biomedical research studies carried out within the field of the Institute. Depending on the type of study and promoter, the necessary administrative and contractual procedures are centralised.

This unit is also responsible for controlling the execution of the studies and issuing the invoices of the different observational studies or clinical trials of private or commercial promoter.

Contract Models

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The Ethics Committee for Research with Medicines, Health Products and Clinical Interventions (CEIm, from the acronym in Catalan) is an independent body, formed by members with multidisciplinary training. The main purpose of the Committee is to ensure the protection of rights, safety and well-being of the subjects participating in a biomedical research project and that these projects are carried out with guarantees and in compliance with good clinical practices and in accordance with current legislation.

CEIms are accredited in accordance with the terms of Royal Decree 1090/2015, to issue an expert opinion in a clinical study with medicines and clinical research with medical devices. In addition, the functions entrusted to them in their capacity as CEI (Research Ethics Committee, from the acronym in Catalan) must be added.

Researchers willing to launch a clinical research project will need a favourable opinion from the CEIm.


The CEIm is composed of a president, a vice-president, a technical secretary and 28 board members.

Laia Ferré Ybarz. Doctor (Allergology)


Eduardo Kanterewicz Binstock. Doctor (Rheumatology)

Technical Secretary:
Elisabet Roldan Bueno. Psychologist

Board Members:
Carmen Álvarez Sánchez. Doctor (Family medicine)
Josep-Eladi Baños Díez. Doctor (Clinical pharmacology)
Gemma Basagaña Colomer. Pharmacist
Maria Bosch Gall. Psychopedagogue
Ester Busquets Alibés. Nurse
Xavier Cantero Gómez. Doctor (Family medicine)
Emilia Chirveches Pérez. Nurse
Eva Codinach Danés. Nurse
Gemma Cuberas Borrós. Engineer
Anna Fàbrega Santamaria. Biologist and Biochemist
Mireia Gallés Muntada. Nurse
Ramon Masó Vallmajó. Lawyer
Marta Miarons Font. Pharmacist
Alicia Minaya Freire. Nurse
Paula Miralles Albors. Pharmacist
Cristina Pérez Reche. Pharmacist
Joel Piqué Buisan. Pharmacist
Gemma Prat Vigué. Psychologist
Emma Puigoriol Juvanteny. Statistician
Basilio Rodríguez Diez. Doctor (Rheumatology)
Pere Roura Poch. Doctor (Epidemiology)
Núria Sensat Borràs. Sociology and Political Sciences
Montserrat Soler Sellarès. Nurse
Júlia Torrent Surrell. Lawyer
Alba Vall Vargas. Nurse
Francesc Sala Cascante. Doctor (Surgery, external member)
Pau Rosique Samper. Pharmacist (External member)
Maria Luján Iavecchia. Doctor (Clinical Pharmacology)


Schedule of Meetings

The CEIm will meet, at least, twice per month.

Application for study evaluation

Application form for the evaluation of studies by the IRIS-CC CEIm:


The CEIm evaluates the methodological, ethical and legal aspects of all research projects that are developed within its field of action that involve patients or health professionals, health data or biological samples from patients.

The documentation required by the CEIm is classified according to the type of study, since the legal and regulatory requirements are different.

The requirements and the necessary documentation to process the evaluation of the projects are available in the following two sections:

  • Submission requirements depending on the type of research:
  • Other related documentation:

If you have any doubts in that regard, you can contact the CEIm secretary:

Field of Action

Health centres:

  • ABS Les Bases – Manresa (E08605951)
  • ABS Sant Esteve d’en Bas – La Vall d’en Bas (E17021233)
  • ABS Sant Joan les Fonts – Sant Joan les Fonts (E17006997)
  • CAP ABS Manresa 1 – Manresa (E08604066)
  • Centre d’Assistència Primària de Campdevànol – Campdevànol (E17006387)
  • Centre d’Assistència Primària de Ribes de Freser – Ribes de Freser (E17046414)
  • Centre de Salut Mental d’Osona – Vic (E08023992)
  • Centre de Salut Mental d’Althaia – Manresa (E08692591)
  • Centre Hospitalari – Manresa (H08000995)
  • Clínica de Vic – Vic (E08984428)
  • Clínica Sant Josep – Manresa (H08001011)
  • Consultori Bayés Vic – Vic (E08028246)
  • Consultori Bayés Vic – Clínica de Vic – Vic (E08992570)
  • CAP del Remei – Vic (E08031425)
  • Fundació Universitària del Bages (CU+) – Manresa (E08601820)
  • Hospital d’Olot i Comarcal de la Garrotxa – Olot (H17001565)
  • Hospital de Berga – Berga (H08000836)
  • Hospital de Campdevànol – Campdevànol (H17001413)
  • Hospital Sant Andreu – Manresa (H08000988)
  • Hospital Sant Joan de Déu – Manresa (H08002280)
  • Hospital Sant Joan de Déu de Martorell – Martorell (H08001043)
  • Hospital Universitari de la Santa Creu – Vic (H08001300)
  • Hospital Universitari de Vic – Vic (H08002135)
  • Hospital Universitari Sant Jaume de Manlleu – Manlleu (H08000970)
  • Serveis de Salut Mental – Vic (E08029070)

Non-health centres:

  • Atenció a la pròpia llar – Manresa (G58286303)
  • Centre de Disminuïts Físics – Manresa (G58286303)
  • Fundació d’Estudis Superiors en Ciències de la Salut (FESS) – Vic (G66465170)
  • Fundació Institut de Recerca i Innovació en Ciències de la Vida i de la Salut a la Catalunya Central (Fundació IRIS-CC) – Vic (G09998055)
  • Fundació Privada Elisava Escola Universitària Barcelona (G6321021)
  • Fundació Universitària Balmes (Universitat de Vic-Universitat Catalunya Central) – Vic (G58020124)
  • Fundació Universitària del Bages (FUBages) – Manresa (G59330795)
  • Residència assistida per a la gent gran “el Nadal” i centre de dia “el Nadal” – Vic (G08397234)
  • Residència Aura de Manlleu – Manlleu (Q5856102H)
  • Residència i Centre de dia de Castellgalí – Castellgalí (G58666983)
  • Residència i Centre de dia Mont Blanc – Manresa (G58666983)
  • Residència i Centre de dia Navarcles – Navarcles (G58666983)
  • Residència i Centre de dia Sant Andreu – Manresa (G58666983)
  • Residència i Centre de dia Sant Sadurni – Callús (G58666983)
  • Servei d’Atenció Domiciliaria Sant Andreu a Casa – Manresa (G58666983)
  • Servei de llar amb suport temporal o permanent en persones amb problemàtica social derivada de malaltia mental – Manresa (G58286303)