One of the strategic objectives of IRIS-CC is the promotion of innovation, both in products and services, as well as organisational innovation (service delivery models and processes) and teaching innovation.

The health centres participating in the IRIS-CC are distributed throughout the territory of Central Catalonia and belong to the entire spectrum of health care centres: primary care (616,861 inhabitants), acute hospitals (918 beds), social health centres (764 beds, day hospitals) and mental health centres. This multicentre collaboration is an opportunity for studies on care continuum and population studies.

One of the most important lines is therapeutic innovation through the clinical trial program and the scientific activities program related to ageing, fragility and chronicity.


Head of the Innovation Unit
Elena Medarde Barragán
Tel: 93 135 83 15

Product innovation

The IRIS-CC will promote activities to develop products related to life and health sciences: new medicines, new diagnostic reagents, new devices, new equipment and development of ICT in the field of health.

This office creates the different files (registration and filing of all documentation) of biomedical research studies carried out within the field of the Institute. Depending on the type of study and promoter, the necessary administrative and contractual procedures are centralised.

This unit is also responsible for controlling the execution of the studies and issuing invoices for the different observational studies or clinical trials of private or commercial promoters.

Service innovation

Innovation in the provision of services through the redesign of processes is one of the objectives of IRIS-CC. Innovation projects in the provision of services that incorporate new devices and app technologies are also considered.

CEIms are accredited in accordance with the terms of Royal Decree 1090/2015, to issue an expert opinion in a clinical study with medicines and in a clinical investigation with medical devices. In addition, the functions entrusted to them in their capacity as CEI (Research Ethics Committee, from the acronym in Catalan) must be added.

Researchers willing to launch a clinical research project will need a favourable opinion from the CEIm.

Teaching innovation

The IRIS-CC has research groups on teaching innovation (new models and teaching programs in undergraduate and postgraduate training). Additionally, it has a training platform for different professionals in health sciences, simulation and acquisition of clinical skills and patient safety.

Transformative Innovation and Simulation

Coordinator of the Research Group on Transformative Innovation and Simulation (GRITS)
Dr. Carlota Riera Claret (Fundació Universitària Bages)
Email: tac.c1716380609c-sir1716380609i@ofn1716380609i1716380609