Training plan


The IRIS-CC is developing training programs directed towards researchers, research and innovation managers, and the Institute’s committees.

The first course launched was a specific course aimed at CEIm members, research staff in the field of therapeutic innovation and management staff in the field of clinical trials.


The IRIS-CC will formulate a training program directed towards researchers from the founding institutions. Initially, it will be aimed at trainee researchers who are beginning their research career. It will have a modular structure, with a nuclear module and other specific modules. The modules will be taught both face-to-face and online, at the territorial coordination teams and at the operational units.

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CEIm: the first course launched was the training of CEIm members, with a face-to-face part and an online part, and it will take place in the months of October-November 2022.

Fundanet: training course on the Fundanet Information System, initially aimed at the research managers of the founding Institutions, developed in the months of June and July 2022. The training of the module for researchers will begin during the months of October and November 2022.


Industrial doctorates current offers: