The IRIS-CC is in a phase of structural, territorial and scientific development.

Within the concept of structural development, the Units must be considered, necessary both from the operational point of view and to prepare for the future accreditation. The units of the IRIS-CC are:

  • Project Management Unit (Manager: Juan Manuel Barroso)
  • Clinical Trials Unit (Manager: Gemma Cuberas)
  • Biobank Unit (Interim Manager: Maria Alejo)
  • Innovation Unit (Interim Manager: Elena Medarde)
  • Unit of Epidemiology and Biostatistics-Methodological Support (Interim Manager: Irene Roman)

In the case of the Biobank, our objective is to be operational on 11-01-2023.

In order to better define the project, we have prepared, with the help of the UVIC-UCC Quality Area (Ricard Giramé), a survey to find out the potential internal demand for this support, both in the current practice of this resource and the expectations of the research groups.

You can respond to the survey until February 28, at this link: