Approval of IRIS-CC Multisignature Code and updated Strategic Plan

The Board of Trustees of the IRIS-CC Foundation approved, at its ordinary meeting held on June 26, the update of the IRIS-CC Strategic Plan and the Multisignature Code.

Strategic plans are documents that should serve as a guide for the decision-making of the Board of Trustees to achieve the established goals. For this reason, they are living documents that need to be updated. The update approved by the Board includes the changes that have occurred since it was first approved, in September 2021, such as priority research areas, calendar adjustments or minor spelling corrections. The updated IRIS-CC Strategic Plan can be consulted through this link.

The Multisignature Code is a document addressed to IRIS-CC’s own and affiliated researchers and which applies to all the institute’s activities: publications, research projects, innovation projects, clinical trials, etc. Its objective is to facilitate institutional affiliation, as well as to improve and promote the visualization and traceability of the activity of the founding institutions.